30th Ward is on the Move!
Photos from the July 7 cleanup, 20th and Carpenter

lot -- wide viewThis lot was choked with weeds when we began the cleanup that morning. After three hours' work, all weeds were pulled, tree limbs pruned, and most of the trash was bagged. We ran out of bags before we ran out of trash, though, and returned July 14 to finish this lot.

Anyone know about the origins of the mural?

lot -- sidewalk trashBags and bags of trash, as far as the eye can see! Both sides of the corner were lined with bags and with tree branches.

(Postscript: the Sanitation workers took most of the trash, but left some bundles of tree branches, claiming that they hadn't been tied up.)

lot -- happy workersHappy workers in their reclaimed space. Watch for additional pictures!

(Click photo for enlarged version)

On July 14, the crew returned and completed the work on this lot. We also cut down all weeds and low-hanging branches on the lot on the northwest corner of 20th and Carpenter -- thanks to Peter Moor, who went through the lot with his sickle like the Grim Reaper!

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