30th Ward is on the Move!
Photos from the July 14cleanup,
20th and Carpenter

(wherein our crew finishes the one-parcel lot on the southeast corner while the scary man seen at the left singlehandedly razes the six-parcel lot across Carpenter Street)

This vacant lot spans six or more parcels. It has been cleaned several times but still collects trash and is an occasional short-dumping target. The "jersey barriers" around the lot were removed last year in an effort to discourage loitering -- there are a Chinese takeout facility, a variety store, and a pizza/sandwich shop directly across 20th street from this lot.

Another before photo -- this one including a vacant lot's best hope -- Peter Moor and his trusty sickle. Moor can level a lot faster than three city workers equipped with the best power equipment -- a testimony to his Ohio farmboy past. We're really glad he lives on our block!


HEE-wack! The formidable Mr. Pete at work. While he leveled the weeds, other team members "limbed up" the trees at the edge of the lot to eliminate low-hanging branches.

All done! We were told that the city crew would be doing this lot on July 21, but we wanted it clean now. As it happens, the city worked on other lots in the 1900 block of Carpenter Street but did not remove the remaining trash or any of the cut weeds and branches from this lot besides the ones we piled on the curb.
Meanwhile, the 30th ward cleanup crew (barely visible in their yellow T-shirts behind the monumental pile of vegetation) continued work on this smaller lot. Because it had been fenced off, it had not been cleaned as often and the quantities of trash were truly impressive.
A job well done! The one-parcel lot at the end of the work session.


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