2000 Christian Street Block Association

c/o Laura Blanchard, PMB Block Captain
2041 Christian Street * Philadelphia PA 19146-1338
215-985-1445 voice * 215-985-1446 fax

We are not connected to the St. Charles Senior Center, 1941 Christian Street. They can be reached at 215-790-9530. Their hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30-4:30.

(Note: this is an archived site! The block association is now inactive; block residents
interested in cleanups can get city bags from me or contact the SOSNA
clean block officer via SOSNA.)




What an improvement!
New dumpster arrangements cut odor, vermin, and short dumping at 1915 Christian Street

The Christian Street Apartments are located in the 1900, 2000, and 2100 blocks of Christian Street. The buildings contain as many as six rental uints, leaving no room for on-premises trash disposal. Residents were expected to take their trash to this dumpster at 1915 Christian Street.

The way it used to be

When a representative of the residents' association protested that this facility couldn't accommodate all the residents' trash, he was told that it was too expensive to have the dumpster emptied more often. Residents who brought their trash to this lot only to find the dumpster filled naturally left their trash atop the dumpster or alongside. BFI staff maintained that it is not their responsibility to pick up trash not placed in the dumpster. The backlog of trashbags grew all summer long, creating a banquet for vermin and a breeding ground for flies and disease. The problem was exacerbated by "drive-by dumping" on the part of people who are not residents of the apartment complex.

Residents of our block must pass this dumpster on our way from the bus stop when using the southbound #17 bus. Moreover, the residents of the Christian Street Apartments on our block occasionally place their trash on the curb well before trash day rather than face this lot. It thus impacts our block's quality of life. The 2000 Christian Street Block Association supported the Christian Street Apartments tenants' association's call for better trash disposal procedures. A letter to this effect was sent to the property managers August 10, 2001.

Update, August 31. The property manager called on August 13 to explain that the dumpster and associated lot are the target of repeated large-scale short-dumping, and that they have been survey a number of options to adress the dumpster issue. The management is adding a fourth day of trash pickup each week for the dumpster to help address the symptoms, and has restricted access to the lot by padlocking it. The photo at the top of the page, taken August 25, shows the significant improvement.