Cleanup, South 20th Street, Philadelphia
October 27, 2001

Seventeen volunteers from Villanova University teamed with neighborhood residents to clear vacant lots and alleys in the 1900 block of Webster Street, the corner of 20th & Catharine, and the 2000 blocks of St. Albans Street and Fulton Street.

The project is an initiative of the South Philadelphia Block Association in cooperation with the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (Streets Department, City of Philadelphia), Villanova University and Democratic Party Committeewoman Marion Jones.

The Webster Street cleanup crew is underrepresented in these photos. They removed a truly monumental amount of dead tree-branches and other debris from the lot on that block.

South Philadelphia Block Association
2000 Christian Street Block Association
Bonus: Photos of all our trash behing hauled away 10/29!

Mr. Watson and I were there, so we helped. (The toilet showed up sometime late Saturday night.)

The truck was full when about half of this trash was gone. We hauled some trash out into the street to save the trash truck a parking space, and they said they'd be back. What a relief!

Our Philadelphia More Beautiful clean block officer said it would take a different truck to pick up all the branches.

Northwest South Philly
2000 Christian Street Block Association

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